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It’s a lot of work when you have a building project, and it can be stressful with a schedule or deadline to meet. Let ANDRADE'S worry about the construction clean up in Las Vegas. ANDRADE'S CLEANING CO in Las Vegas is one of the few professionals in Southern Nevada qualified to provide professional commercial and residential clean up and cleaning. We specialize in both Rough Phase and Final Phase Construction Clean Up.

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During the rough phase of cleanup, we will be there to keep a clean and safe work environment for your crew. Our exterior clean up crews make sure to keep all of the excess building materials removed down to a minimum, for worker safety. In addition to keeping a clean jobsite, we make sure to RECYCLE all materials that we clean up.

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We are committed to our community and the environment.

ANDRADE'S CLEANING CO. in Las Vegas service doesn’t stop there. During the Final Phase, we will provide interior cleaning services, including all necessary sweeps (frame inspection, pre-paint, and pre-carpet), window washing, and concrete pressure- washing. From start to finish, the ANDRADE'S Crew will provide rough phase and final phase interior cleaning, if requested.

Don’t hassle with doing it yourself or letting other companies let you down. Let Andrade's Do It Right! Andrade's, your quality Construction Clean Up company in Las Vegas Nevada since 1991.

We work with a variety of builders in Las Vegas area including:

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